Northwest Raiders A-Team Coaches

Brian Saval

Brian started out in the Owings Mills junior league wrestling program and went on to wrestle at Boys Latin.  He was a state champion in both junior league and high school and a two time national prep place winner in high school.  He wrestled for three years at Muhlenberg College and this is fifth year coaching the Junior League.

David Trudil

Owings Mills B-Team Coaches

Nate Davis

Coach Nate won the 2011 William T. Hastings Contribution Award. Nate has been with the Owings Mills wrestling program for 36 years.  He is a legend in Owings Mills and the surrounding area. Wrestling and Nate go hand-in-hand.  Nate’s coaching style employs a unique and effective blend of strictness, mutual respect, and a genuine love of both the sport and the young men who want to learn it.  Nate teaches the kids how to find their passion for wrestling.

Al Murdock

Reisterstown B-Team Coaches

Hayden Myers

Eli Shock

Program Staff

Guy Pritzker

Guy is in the Maryland Wrestling Hall of Fame.  He has received High School Coach of the Year honors and has coached the Junior League Team for 35 years.  As the Head Coach at Owings Mills High School, he has helped to produce multiple state champions, NCAA All-Americans and 2 wrestlers currently ranked in the top 10 of the Maryland’s “all time -greats.  MSWA just named Guy Pritzker the recipient of the 2010 Johnny Eareckson Award “Maryland Wrestling Man of the Year.”

Tom Montanye

Coach Montanye took over the Reisterstown Wrestling Program in 2007, after coach John Schuster and George Outten retired, and when his twin sons started wrestling. He is on the Board at the Rec Council and the Maryland Junior Wrestling League. Coach Montanye’s focus is on growing the program and the popularity of the sport with local youth.

Howard Ginsburg

Howard has been a part of the Owings Mills wrestling program for over 20 years. He has worked closely with Guy for many of those years. He is the official person to contact regarding schedules, tournaments, stats, etc.



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