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The Raiders Northwest wrestling team is in “building mode”, offering a special opportunity to both new and experienced wrestling candidates. We are in search of new future champions, and have restructured the program to include several new opportunities.

Boys ages 6-15 years old are eligible. We typically have wrestlers from Elementary through early High School, from under 50 lbs to over 180 lbs.

Wrestling is one of the least expensive sports. Our individual registration fee is only $95 per youth or $155 per family. The only equipment needed is wrestling shoes, and we offer a team “shoe exchange” year after year as kids grow out of them, so you may get them free. Uniforms and headgear are provided, though you can purchase headgear too very reasonably. Optional independent tournaments carry their own registration fees of $10-25.


Registration opens September 1st online, and practices typically begin the first week in November (after you register, you will receive an email a couple of weeks prior to start), with competitions starting soon after. Registration closes December 31st. The season continues through February.

Simply register and pay online, and mail us a copy of a birth certificate or other government-issued proof of age to the address shown. By mid- to late-October you’ll get a confirmation email or phone call with details of any parent’s meeting before practices begin. We look forward to working with you and your kids!

For both brand new and experienced wrestlers

Wrestlers typically practice 2-3 nights per week, depending on their level, at Franklin High or Owings Mills High, determined after the registration period. Competitions are on the weekends. A schedule will be available in late November.

First and second year wrestlers typically wrestle in the Carroll Wrestling league (CWA), while 3rd+ year wrestlers typically compete in the Maryland Junior Wrestling League (MJWL). Individual exceptions are made based on ability and team needs.

There is also frequent interaction with the other nearby teams, which exposes them to more wrestlers their weight/size, and more semi-competitive situations than regular meets provide. This strategy provides Raiders Northwest wrestlers the best training approach available.

Top coaching talent

We have several coaches joining the program director, coach Tom Montanye, bringing fresh moves, ideas and approaches.

Coach Montanye wrestled in the Reisterstown program in the late 1970’s, while his coach (George Outten) produced top ranked teams for years. Tom received several County tournament placements in the Reisterstown program. Continuing at Franklin High, Tom was Regional champion in 1984. His twin boys were Raiders, wrestled in the Franklin Wrestling program (both topped their fathers’ record by placing in the High School States), and continued wrestling at McDaniel College.

Joining coach Montanye are coaches Hayden Myers, Jerry & Jimmy Hudson, Brad Kessler and Eli Shock. Detailed coach profiles are on the Coaches & Staff page.

More coaches, more individual attention

Most importantly, the wrestler/coach ratio on the Northwest team is unsurpassed in the area. This is because, in addition to many practice coaches, our team benefits from assistant coaching by several Franklin and Owings Mills Varsity wrestlers, who often personally mentor them. Other programs demonstrate advanced moves, but aren’t able to help each wrestler master them, because they simply don’t have enough helpers. Naturally talented wrestlers thrive, while other potential champions are lost in the shuffle. Our wrestlers simply get more personalized instruction.

Unsure? Audit a practice…

Best way to decide is to simply show up at the start of practice and watch. See if it’s for you. Then decide if you want to give it a try, on the mat, for a practice. After a practice on the mat, you should be able to decide if you want to sign up for the season. Most athletes need a season to see if it’s a sport they’ll stick with. And most wrestlers take it one season at a time… That is, until they get hooked!

Sign up today!

If you miss the registration period (9/1-10/31), simply register online, then arrive 10 minutes early to the next practice (call ahead to confirm day and time), and we’ll get you involved immediately. We look forward to working with you!

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