Spring Beginner Clinics

2018 Spring Beginner Clinics

Ages: Boys 5-15. Under 8, parents should plan to stay and watch.
Dates & Times: The clinic sessions run each Tuesday night from 6:30-8:00 pm at Franklin Elementary School, between BCPS Spring Break and Memorial Day, 4/10 – 5/15/18.

Fees: $45 per wrestler or $65 per family (siblings)
Registration: – https://www.youthleaguesusa.com/rrc/2018/Welcome.html
Equipment: None required; just clean indoor court shoes, shorts and a t-shirt.

Our Spring Beginner Clinic is perfect for kids/parents who think they may be interested in this great sport, but don’t want to commit to a whole Winter season to find out for sure. We introduce basic positions and moves, and how scoring in matches and tournaments work.

It’s also great as a refresher for our Raiders Northwest wrestlers who just completed their first season. They review again, in detail, the fine points of the basic moves, and have time to perfect them before next season.

Clinic Outline:
Sessions 1 & 2 focus on wrestling on your feet (neutral position). Sessions 3-6 focus on wrestling on the mat (offensive and defensive).

Each move is demonstrated by breaking it into steps, with each step practiced by the wrestlers. Then we put the steps together to make the move flow. Moves are drilled with partners of like age and weight, with increasing resistance as their skills improve.

We introduce many concepts by starting with a game who’s objective is similar to the wrestling objective, and see how they do without training. Then we learn the wrestling technique and play the game to see if they can incorporate the move for better results in the game.

There is also opportunity for live wrestling and “situational” wrestling (starting from a certain position, perhaps half-way through a move).

Additional Information: Contact Coach Tom Montanye, 410-935-3526, or email Wrestling@RaidersNW.com.

A Baltimore County Rec & Parks Program