2015-2016 Season Start-up Information

All parents/wrestlers: Be sure to register on-line registration before attending practices, which this year will be as follows (same as last year):

Novice B-Team

 Franklin High B-Team

First practice is November 10th, then Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-8pm, all at Franklin High. There will be no Owings Mills practices this year for B-Team.

Travel / A-Team

First practice is Monday November 2nd at Franklin High, then Monday & Wednesday at Franklin High, and Thursday at Owings Mills High, all from 6:30 to 8pm.

New Parents

At the beginning of the first practice, we’ll have a brief “new parent” break-out for a “what to expect” and Q&A.

Bring with you (or mail in advance):

  • A copy of the wrestler’s birth certificate or other government issued proof of birth date (we keep)
  • Payment (if you didn’t pay on-line)
  • You will need to sign 1 league acknowledgement form before practicing.

What to wear?

  • Gym clothes & clean court shoes or wrestling shoes
  • No zippers or mud
  • No jewelry
  • Sports goggles/glasses if you wear glasses and can’t operate without them
  • We will talk about ear guards

-Coach Tom Montanye, 410-935-3526, Northwest Raiders Youth Wrestling, Program Director, Substitute Coach